Specialists in Vacuum Pumps, Air Compressors, laboratory pump, equipment, dust collector

Appak Production LLP is has been serving our clients with quality and reliable vacuum pump , compressor pump, laboratory pump ,equipment and dust collector with multiple solutions to enhance or extent our service to our clients from the electronic semiconductor, woodwork industrial, mechanical engineering and school / private laboratory research R/D development.

We have been in the market for almost 3 decades of providing the different technology, service, repair/ overhaul of vacuum pump from range of oil pump such as MIL’S single stage rotary pump for semiconductor , WELCH dual stage vacuum pump in different industrial , Oil-Free Carbon Vane and Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps System, Roots blower, air Screw Compressors, Vacuum & Air Plants System(for medical application) automotive.

Along the years, we still focusing on delivering significantly efficient, flexible and trouble-free engineered system packages & solutions for our clients have won us many recurring businesses and trust. In order to provide a better service to our client we cater an extra warehouse to stock up the pump so we can deliver the pump or equipment in the shortest.

We Specialises in

  • Vacuum Unit for Cleanroom

  • Central Vacuum Blower unit for Cleanroom area

  • Dry vacuum & Compressor System

  • Central Vacuum Unit System for semiconductor

  • Exhaust Fuel system

  • Central Oil Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pressure System

  • Air compressor System

  • Vacuum Unit for Cleanroom

  • Miniature Oil Free Rocking Piston Vacuum & Compressor

  • Laboratory Pump

  • Dry Screw vacuum pump

  • Dust Collector System

  • Repair & Service Two Stage Vacuum pump

  • Diaphragm pump

  • Oil-less Rocking Piston vacuum & Compressor pump

  • Vacuum Filter Trap

  • Vacuum and Air Plants
    (For Medical Application)

  • Side Channel Blower

  • Turbo Blower

  • Blower – Stainless Steel Root Blower

  • Air Duct System

  • Two Stage Ring Blower

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum pump System

  • Scroll vacuum & Compressor System

  • Vacuum Packaging System

  • Oil-less Diaphragm Vacuum System

  • Centralized Vacuum System

  • Vacuum Unit for Laboratory