Product feature:

  • Achieve powerful suction and quiet operation
  • Brushless motor ensure low noise, stable performance and long production life.
  • Triple filter design, pre- filter and main filter can be replace separately to prolong the filter life spend in order to bring down operational
  • Build in air cycling filter system avoiding dispatching cool/ Hot air to outside
  • Easy to install with the hoods and accessories without any piping layout
  • The airflow is easy adjustable according to different working environment
  • Hoods can be place at the exact place or position that you want .


5 technical advantages:


  • Precision control by the micomputer chip
  • Brushless motor + no hall technology
  • Overheat protection technology
  • Flange equilibrium distribution technology
  • Clogged filter alarming technology

Products and application;

  • Solder fume extractor: application: Manual soldering Fumes, solder pot fume, soldering Robot fume etc.
  • Fume extractor: Application: Soldering, laser marking & carving, moxibustion, chemical lab and beauty salon, argon welding and plasma cutting. (up to 6 or 10 persons in operation)
  • Desktop fume extractor: Application : soldering and 3D printing
  • Dust collector : Application : absorbing dust , powder, metal cutting leads generated from metal polishing, cutting and stamping process.