Single nozzle Jet Fan

The jet fan system has to be designed so that sufficient air circulation in all areas is guaranteed and exhaust fumes are directed to the nearest exhaust point.
Adequately sized main exhaust fans are therefore an important part of the overall system.
Where the natural air supply is insufficient, supply fans may have to be installed.

Fan model JF-210 JF-250 JF-270 JF-450
Axial blade diameter(mm) 210 250 275 450
Nozzle dia. x length(mm) 190 x 310 250 x 310 260 x 350 500 x 500
Dimension:DxLxN(mm) 270 x 980 x 190 320 x 1120 x 250 330 x 1270 x 260 550 x 1890 x 550
Outlet velocity(m/s) 21 20 23 15
Air volume(CMH) 1500 2500 3500 6000
Fan speed(rpm) 3200 3200 3200 1450
Motor power 215W 220V 50Hz 250W 220V 50Hz 350W 220V 50Hz 500W 380V 50Hz
Net weight 15kg 20kg 25kg 55kg
Sound pressure 68 ㏈A @ 2m 65 ㏈A @ 2m 69 ㏈A @ 2m 65㏈A @ 2m

Isovel Profile

Crossflow Long Fan

When we need wider and lower noise car park airflow, we’d better use crossflow long fans.
Standard air volume is 1800CMH and bigger air volume on request.

Fan model LF-1500
Number of impellers 2pcs
diameter x length
100 x 640mm
L x A x H(mm)
1500 x 245 x 185
Outlet velocity 10m/s
Air volume 1800CMH
Impeller type Crossflow
Fan speed 1450rpm
Motor power 140W 220V 50Hz
Net weight 15kg
Sound pressure 50 ㏈A @ 2m

Able to CUSTOM design

for entrances and driveways of underground car parks
for garages with massive and closely placed support crossbars
for smoke extraction of low and badly accessible areas
combination as a mix with our Axial-Smoke-Extract Jet fan or crossflow long fan for better performance.

Fan type JF-3N
Number of nozzles 3pcs
diameter x length
80 x 295mm
Cabinet dimension
895 x 500 x 270
Outlet velocity 20m/s
Air volume 1200CMH
Impeller type Centrifugal
single inlet
Fan speed 1500rpm
Motor power 378W 220V 50Hz
Net weight 30kg
Sound pressure 50 ㏈A @ 2m