Natural Convectional Oven

Product Feature:

Natural convectional oven equipped with micro processor for programming and self diagnosis program.

  • Microprocessor PID controller with auto tuning function, control temperature and time precious.
  • Build in program of 7 pattern and max 8 steps program
  • Auto start/ stop function is provided
  • Temperature compensation function is provided
  • Independent heat protection is equipped

Rotary Evaporator

Product Feature:

EYELA have start to improve their series of  rotary evaporator with more feature for individual user.

  • Possible to install the glass ware on either the left or right to fit in installation spot.
  • A vertical E-type condenser suited for fume hood
  • Easy setting and useful Stand-base bath
  • Implementation of automatic reverse revolution to be suited for drying-out and concentration of powder and solid substance etc.
  • Addition of new anti-reverse cover that protects against pool of condensed fluid
  • Possible to fix jack at any elevation depending on flask’s shape due to non-stepping positions
  • With exclusive option added, capable to put and remove insulation hose easily
  • With optional accessories for different setup